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MERCENARY CALLING is coming soon!  It is undergoing print formatting, but the cover is ready.  Streetlight Graphics did a great job with the cover, and I couldn’t be happier.

There’s a lot involved in getting a new book out into the world.   Fortunately, today’s markets and technology make that so much easier.  First, of course, one must write the book, share it with beta readers, consider and incorporate their comments, and bless them for spotting typos and other mistakes.  Then I print and proofread.  One friend sets her word processing program to audio for her proofreading.  For me, printing it out helps me spot things I’ve missed.

I put MERCENARY CALLING into Amazon’s Kindle format.  I hyperlinked the chapters in the table of contents and stripped out the page numbers, set the margins and spacing, and fought with the feeling I’d forgotten something.  I’ll look at it again before it goes live.  Oh, yeah.  I still haven’t run spell check.  For a 96,000 word book that will take a while and is boring.  Still have to do it.  With print text and cover formatting underway, I wait for the results.

I will place MERCENARY CALLING in Kindle Unlimited for its first 90 days and then take it “wide,” adding it to such other booksellers as Barnes & Noble and Kobo.  If you are an Amazon KU subscriber, strike while the iron is hot.

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