Space Settlement Symposium

I’m looking forward to participating in a New Worlds 2016 Space Settlement Symposium in Austin, Texas.  The panel I will be on, moderated by asteroid miner Sagi Kfir of Deep Space Industries, will address Who Owns Space?

Citizens are going into space. Who has the right to do what and where out there? How do we avoid the mistakes made on Earth, yet encourage the harvest of space resources that might save the planet? How do we make sure no one grabs the solar system yet enable regular people to dream they might own a house on the Moon or homestead Mars?

It looks to be fascinating.

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Institute for Humane Studies

I’m looking forward to participating in The Law and Economics of Space Policy, a seminar conducted this weekend by the Institute for Humane Studies and the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.  I will talk about U.S. government regulation of space transportation and communications, and whether the Outer Space Treaty requires the regulation of all commercial activities in outer space.

Space law appears in my books Manx Prize and The Sky Suspended.

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Just Released–Waking Late Book 2, Out of the Dell

OUT OF THE DELL is now available in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.

out-of-the-dell-cover-concept-5-1On the planet Nwwwlf, in the lost colony of First Landing, the original settlers carved out one sylvan valley, a lone outpost where humans flourish. But their bright hopes and best intentions devolved over centuries into a rude replica of medieval feudalism.

Gilead Tan, who had been held captive for centuries in his sleeping cell, survived treachery and pain to free a small group of sleepers. But he and his friends now face the perils of life outside First Landing’s sanctuary–without their powered armor, their tools and technology, or anything else they need save for a few chickens.

Gilead must establish a safehold for his crew, but the alien environment does not welcome them and petty bickering threatens their meager resources. He hopes that a trace of smoke – spotted above a distant ridge – beckons them to a better place.

It doesn’t.

Click here to see more or to buy.

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